Our History

Tuggerah United Soccer Club was formed in 1999 when, over a drink and a chat two men, Dave Ashe & Peter Thode decided that the growth of Tuggerah area warranted an additional Soccer Club on the Coast. After both sitting on Committees of Soccer Clubs for many years, these men having a wealth of knowledge between them wanted to form a Club that’s’ first aim was to get the fun and friendliness back into the sport and bring more of a family atmosphere back into the game of Soccer whilst still aspiring for each team to reach the top.

With their families and 7 more people interested in the venture, the Wyong R.S.L Club was approached and liking the groups’ proposal they offered the R.S.L grounds at Club Tuggerah to be developed into Soccer playing fields. Soccer stalwart, Roy Barnes assisted greatly as Dave being an interstate truck driver couldn’t be on hand at times when needed and Roy stood in his place whenever required.

It was a tough road ahead for this extra tough group who, after a medley of hurdles from other Clubs and the Soccer Association to stop the Soccer Club forming, finally kicked off their first team on 1st April 2000. As the R.S.L grounds would not be completed to start their first season, Over 35’s team ‘The Rustic Rangers’ agreed to share their Chittaway Oval ground with the Tuggerah teams and the ‘Rustics’ became part of the Tuggerah Club.

Tuggerah United Soccer Club initially fielded 6 Non-Comp teams; 2 competition Junior teams; an Under 16 Girls team; a Senior Ladies team and a Senior Men’s side – all up 127 players. Of these 11 teams, 10 were sponsored.

The small hard-working Committee, the excellent Coaches and their Managers, the Sponsors and the players have helped this Club to grow from a dream to a very real reality that grows bigger and better with each year. In 2006 in keeping with formalities of F.I.F.A Tuggerah United Soccer Club became Tuggerah United Football Club. 2006 also saw the Club fielding 13 Non-Comp teams; 11 Junior competition teams; an Under 16 Girls team; 2 Ladies teams; 2 Over 35 men’s teams and 4 Senior Men’s teams. Total: 32 teams and 413 players – a far cry from our initial start in 2000!

Tuggerah United is a family club.

Dave Ashe, Club President - 2017