2019 CCF Rules and Regulations

The Major changes for 2019.

  1. Every player requires a new photo from 8 years and up
  2. Players cannot move between teams after round 3
  3. Players up to 15 years of age may only play up 3 years above their age
  4. BPL Third grade has been replaced by the Under 21 competition.  Each team is allowed up to 6 overage players each week.
  5. The role of the Vested Team Official has been updated ( see 2.4.17)
  6. The finals format for Over 35/45, W30, MAA and WAA has been modified to a two-week finals format i.e 1v4 and 2v3 and winner to grand final
  7. Promotion and relegation for BPL/DIV1 is now based on Club Championship, not just first grade
  8. SWL has changed its name back to WPL as SeaFM no longer sponsors the League
  9. BPL and DIV1 club championship points have been modified.  First grade used to multiply by 4 and now it is multiplied by 3.
  10. Each competition team MUST have a registered Coach or Manager by the start of the competition or they are ineligible to receive competition points until such time as they do.

Full CCF Rules & Regulations visit here or CCF website.

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